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Stop guessing how to rank #1 on Google.

Juxseo gives you a grade and checklist of items that need to be fixed on your web page with explanations to help you understand why each element is important. You can run reports on any of your URLs including static pages, product pages, or blog articles. Want to know your grade? Enter your URL and Keyword above to create your first on-page SEO report!

Juxseo - Pricing

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  • Unlimited Reports
  • My Reports History
$ 49 /mo
  • Unlimited Reports
  • My Reports History
  • White-Labeled Reports
  • Download PDF Reports

Juxseo - Feature Index

Outrank Your Competition

  • Compare your grade to your competition by running reports on their URLs. Learn from their techniques and outrank them.

Unlimited Free Reports

  • Run an SEO report on any page of your site. Fix the errors on that page. Rerun the report to see your new score. Rinse and repeat.
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