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We started with a simple idea—that every business should have access to the same tools that big businesses have. We’ve been working day and night ever since to make that possible. We’re dedicated to adding new, innovative ways to simplify and streamline the world of commerce because we believe that small businesses raise the fortunes not only of their owners, but also their families, their neighborhoods, and the world.

PayPal Here vs Square

This is a little video I made to show the difference between PayPal Here and Square. These are the two top mobile credit card platforms out right now, and I will be switching to one of them (due to it being cheaper) rather soon! We go through the general specs, and then a little demo to show how easy it is to use both services! Enjoy!

Square - Feature Index

Bring the back office with you.

User-friendly statistics

Download Square Register.

Manage your inventory effortlessly.

Edit items with ease
Speed up the line with quick, easy modifiers

Receipts how you like them.

Get feedback from your receipts

Set up your counter.

Square works well with others.

Stitch Labs

Track your sales in real time.

Tax preparation made easy
Control what information employees see.
Works offline
There are 4 alternative Point-of-Sale apps like Square