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iPad POS System

Lavu Inc. is a software + technology company based in Albuquerque, NM. and are the makers of the first full-featured iPad POS for restaurants available on the Apple App Store in 2010. Our mission: “Simplify business + prepare entrepreneurs for success.” Used in over 80 countries on six continents, our iPad POS is a modern solution developed specifically for restaurants, bars & nightclubs, quick serve businesses, and other hospitality industries. We are leading the shift toward mobile solutions for the service industry with a strong worldwide reseller network and thousands of customers.

Lavu POS Menu Setup

Learn how to configure your Lavu POS menu. Menu groups, categories, and items are completely customizable using different modifiers, prices, and special discounts. Lavu POS, the first fully-featured iPad point of sale in the Apple App Store, has integrated solutions for the fast paced service industry. Learn more about Lavu POS: additional help, please contact Lavu Support (855) 528-8457

Lavu - Feature Index

Cloud Management

  • Access the back end on any browser
  • Use our Pilot app to see mobile sales reports
  • Track restaurant activities in real-time
  • Make changes to menu from anywhere
  • Single interface for multiple locations

Completely Customizable

  • Customize your menu with unlimited modifiers
  • Replace receipt graphics with your logo
  • Multiple happy hours and custom discounts
  • Customize your hardware purchase
  • Choose your preferred processor

Lower Costs

  • Typically costs 70% less than traditional POS
  • Free, unlimited software updates
  • Free, unlimited software support
  • No down payment with Lavu 88
  • Inexpensive hardware

User-Friendly, Efficient Interface

  • Save hours on employee training time
  • Take orders from anywhere on location
  • Easily adjust settings, tips, and timecards
  • Employees can clock in/out at each terminal
  • Orders sent wirelessly to kitchen from table
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