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Big Cartel

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We Believe in the Artist

Since 2005, Big Cartel has been a company built by and for artists. And like the artists we work for, we are independent. We are self-funded. We are selling a handmade product. We are doing it the hard way. And we love it. Meet the 25 of us building and supporting Big Cartel every day. We’re headquartered in the downtown art district of Salt Lake City, but our team is spread across the US.


Big Cartel Tutorial Video. (video one)To use your own domain name use the link below.Customize your domain:'ve also received question about adding video. You can do that but only with paid accounts.

Big Cartel - Pricing

$ 10 /mo
  • 25 products
$ 20 /mo
  • 100 products
$ 30 /mo
  • 300 products
$ 0
  • 5 products

Big Cartel - Feature Index

Built for makers

  • For nearly a decade, creative people from around the world have used Big Cartel’s simple tools and resources to build a unique online store, manage and sell their work, delight their fans and customers, and run their business their own way.


  • Quick setup
  • Order management
  • Digital products
  • Sell in-person
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Seamless checkout
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Search engine optimized
  • Fast & stable
  • No coding required
  • Guides & videos
  • Friendly support

Get down to business

  • We get it, you’re busy – so we keep it simple. We provide just the right mix of real-time stats, search engine optimization, order management, and promotional tools to get a small shop up and running with as little stress as possible.

Your independent brand

  • Easily customize the images, colors, fonts, and options of one of our beautiful pre-made themes, or if you’re comfortable with code, give your store a completely custom look by tweaking the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly.

Your shop, anywhere

  • Hit the road and take your shop with you. Our mobile-friendly site makes it easy to manage your shop from any phone or tablet, and our iPhone app goes a step further to handle in-person sales at craft fairs, concerts, and other live events.

Big Cartel - Clients

Hype Clothing
Friends of Type
Father Daughter Records
Ultra Snazzy
Boneshaker Mag
Nic Annette Miller
Gnome Enterprises
Evan Jed
Jessica Hische
Draught Dry Goods
Neither Fish Nor Fowl
Lillian Crowe
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