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in Donation, founded in 2010

Add money to your likes

The easiest way to support creators One budget for all microdonations Give back to creators

This is Flattr

Flattr is a revolutionary social micropayment system. This how it works. Visit us at www.flattr.com

Flattr - Feature Index

Add money to your account

  • We accept most international and local credit and debit cards. Flattr use Euro as its base currency, but it doesn’t matter what currency you use, we take care of the exchange.

Choose budget

  • You can change the budget at any time.

Creators receive your money

  • Creators receive 90% of the money you give.

Flattr content you want to support

  • You can flattr on YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud, etc by clicking “Favorite”, “Like” or “Star”.

Get a Flattr account

  • All Flattr users can both give and receive money.

We divide your budget

  • Flattrs for people that don't yet have a Flattr account are not part of the division. These flattrs are saved for later and will be part of the division the month the creator signs up.
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