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All-in-one Support Suite

UseResponse is open-source, self-hosted customer feedback software, live chat and help desk system that you can install on your server with knowledge base.

Customer Feedback Software UseResponse

UseResponse is a self-hosted customer feedback system for all types of businesses and communities. We provide you the ability to collect customer feedback and improve your customer service satisfaction.

UseResponse - Feature Index

...and Much More

  • Polls: Create votes for your best products, ask for customer opinion when taking important decisions, or just find out if your customers are satisfied - simply ask them.
  • HelpDesk & Visibility Options: Use system as ticketing with private topics visible only to your company members to provide support. Allow users to add hidden spoilers in comments.
  • Analytics: Comprehensive analysis of your community with detailed graphs of the activity during certain periods. Add external tracking codes.
  • Files: Your space is limited to your hosting account. Upload and store files of different types in responses and comments.
  • Live Chat: Never miss your potential customers! Provide instant support to your clients with Chat Widget that is customizable with auto-greeting and offline messaging features.
  • Backup: Keep your information safe by making everyday information backups and restore the information easily.
  • Knowledge Base: Create online documentation or FAQ about your services, products to eliminate extra questions asked. Categorize topics in your KB.
  • Announcement: Update your community publishing news on home page! Make your work transparent by showing company progress.
  • Social Feedback: Get feedback and provide support right inside Facebook, Twitter, Mobile App with centralized feedback system on your server.

All-in-one Customer Feedback and Support

  • Different Types of Responses: By default we have broken up typical responses into Ideas, Problems, Questions, and Thanks. You will be able to turn these types on and off and also rename them.
  • Voting for Response: Best ideas quickly gain popularity as users give them their votes. You can decide if you want to let users leave positive or switch on also negative voting. Allow anonymous topics.
  • User Ranking: Customers who actively participate in the life of your products or services gain highest ranking. This will allow you to grant customer loyalty program.
  • Users Roles & Permissions: You can either use default roles or create custom ones with predefined permissions.
  • Comments: Comments allow users to discuss ideas, problems and questions, leave positive and negative comments, pick up the best answers, and vote for the topics so that they gain popularity.

Customize & Integrate

  • Self-Hosted: You can install the system on your server and have all your sensitive data at your disposal. There are no monthly or hidden fees. Own your data!
  • Themes Support: You can customize interface using our themes or create your own. All you will need is just basic CSS knowledge to make your custom theme based on the default system themes we offer.
  • Localization: Use existing translations or modify languages to specific country or region. Using web interface, translate or rename wording in the system in seconds.
  • Integration: UseResponse can be easily integrated into any system with API. You can either add it to your web store or company website. Customize the widget and then just copy and paste generated code to your website.

Migrate, Expand, Manage Your Data

  • Easy Migration: Easy migration of your data from other popular communities to your profile at UseResponse
  • Categories: Expand your community with categories offering customers different types of services or products of responses to be associated with. Be concentrated on targeted support!
  • Moderation: With the help of Pre- and Post-moderation get rid of unsuitable contributions from the system. Easy moderation of feedback and users comments. Users can also report spam or abuse.
  • Merge Responses: Sometimes same responses can be described in different words, so basically duplicate responses may appear. In just two clicks you will be able to merge two similar responses in one.
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