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in Customer Service, founded in 2009

A new standard in user feedback.

Usabilla was founded in 2009 with the belief that continuous user feedback is the key to any successful website or service. Usabilla works together with usability experts, user experience designers, marketers, web developers, and graphic designers from all over the world. The Usabilla team is young, passionate about everything they do, and determined to provide you and your customers with the best possible experience.

Video introduction to Usabilla Live

In this video introduction you will learn how Usabilla Live works, how the feedback looks like, and why Usabilla Live is the best feedback tool out there!

Usabilla - Pricing

$ 49 /mo
$ 89 /mo
$ 199 /mo

Usabilla - Feature Index

Adaptable Campaigns

Create detailed, intuitive, campaigns
Visitor targeting
Custom Campaign Creator
Custom themes
Campaign analytics
Campaign Scheduling

Case studies

Community feedback
Beta testing
Locating bugs

Choose your Campaign

Group Campaigns
Single Campaigns

Collect valuable visual feedback on your website

Visual Feedback
Targeted feedback forms
Feedback form editor
Intuitive Dashboard
Visual analysis
Targeted messages
Slide out surveys
Full (exit) surveys
Adaptable Campaigns
Multiple users
Campaign analytics
Google Analytics integration

Create & Customize

Design your personalized widget
Create the feedback form
Fully responsive forms

Demo cases

Logo rebranding demo case
Website comparison demo case
Website redesign demo case
Call to action demo case
Mobile websites demo case
Vampire effect demo case

Download white papers

Easy Installation

Copy/Paste the Image
Use the provided code
Create your own widget

Easy setup

Minimum effort
Flexible setup
Custom forms
Random redirect

Easy to Promote

Many ways to invite participants
Keep it short

Gain valuable reader insights into your emails

Simple Feedback
Campaign Groups
Full Customization
Intuitive Dashboard
Mobile Participation
Data Export
Language Customization
Detailed Data
Simple to Install

Gather feedback at any stage of the design process

Automated remote user testing
Repetitive user tests
Visual Survey
Easy to set up
Visual analysis
Third-party integration
Mobile testing
Test templates

Hassle free feedback

Easy for your Readers
Easy for You
3rd Party Integrations

How does it work?

1. Create
2. Install
3. Analyze

Intuitive Live Dashboard

Feedback overview
Comparisons and Ladders
Detailed Metadata

Intuitive to use

The feedback button
Select any website element
Intuitive feedback flow

Measure emotions

Emotional trendline
Personal dashboard
Collect Net Promoter Scores (NPS)

Mobile participation

Platform independent

Multi Language & Export

Multi language support
Filter and export your data

Multi-language & Export

Data export

Multiple users & roles

Multiple team users
Role & right management

Request product demo

Security & Privacy

Privacy Tools

Targeted messages

Boost feedback responses
Recruit participants for an external survey

Third party integrations

Google Analytics
Zendesk &

Third-party integrations

Third-party integrations

Usabilla Live demo

Usabilla Live for Email Demo

Visual Analysis

Interactive heatmaps
Area selections
Click paths
Filter results
Easy sharing

Visual Survey

Surveys made easy and fun
Quantitative & qualitative insights
Different kind of questions

Visual analysis

Visual feedback overview
Feedback details
Full Page Screenshot

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