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Wunderlist is the easiest way to get stuff done. Whether you’re organizing your work, sharing a shopping list with a loved one or planning an overseas adventure, Wunderlist is here to help you accomplish more.

Getting Started with Wunderlist - Public Lists

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Wunderlist - Pricing

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Wunderlist Pro
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Wunderlist For Business
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Wunderlist - Feature Index

A list for every project

  • Wunderlist is made for collaboration. Simple and easy to use, shared lists let you manage your team’s projects and gives everyone in your team a clear overview of who’s responsible for every to-do.


  • Keep everyone on track and add accountability. Delegate to-dos in your shared lists and accomplish more together.

Centralized administration

  • Wunderlist for Business brings you simple administration with the business panel. Easily purchase a monthly or annual subscription with PayPal or credit card. Then, simply invite new members to your subscription or manage existing ones.


  • Start conversations with your team to share insights, add clarity and give feedback. Wunderlist’s Comments keep them all together with your to-dos and out of your inbox.

Create to-dos from email and the web

  • With Mail to Wunderlist and the Add to Wunderlist browser extensions, it’s easy to create to-dos straight from your inbox and save anything you find on the web.

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  • From inception to project delivery, Files let your team share their work and get instant feedback about their to-dos.

Keeping everyone in the loop

  • Get updates on team progress without meetings. The Activity Center keeps everyone in the loop when a colleague creates, completes or comments on a to-do.


  • Expand on your ideas and capture all the details with Notes.

Secure access from anywhere

  • Whether you’re working from your phone, tablet or computer, Wunderlist’s 256-bit-encrypted Real-time Sync safely keeps all your lists at your fingertips.
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