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Wrike is a full-featured and easy-to-use project management system that is trusted by thousands of co-located and distributed teams for project planning, tracking and online collaboration.

Wrike 101 - Basic features

Wrike is the easiest way to manage your projects. Boost your team's efficiency with a combo of task lists, spreadsheets, Gantt charts and an Activity Stream in one app! These training videos are perfect for new users and anyone looking to extract more value from Wrike's Project Management software.Wrike 101 - Basic features: 201 - Intermediate features: 301 - Advanced features: for the complete collection of Wrike's video tutorials.Not using Wrike yet? Try it free now: great tips on our blog:

Wrike - Pricing

  • For small teams who need basic task management with limited planning and reporting
  • For small to medium teams who need project planning, management, and collaboration
  • For teams who need advanced reporting, analytics, security, and customization

Wrike - Feature Index

Create a task and get going
Engage your team
Wrike: Your command center
Make E-mail productive again
Yes, all on the same page
What you need to know right now
Keep things moving with mobile
Meet our dreamy document editor
Keep the right people in the loop
Get control of your work
Make Wrike Your Own
Check the team temperature
Track time
Rinse and repeat for next time
Get synched
See progress and stay on track
Check it off the list
Get started
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