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in Collaboration, founded in 2011

Lean project management for your agile team Lean project management for your agile team

Why Sandglaz? Because gantt charts are too complex, time consuming and rigid... but task lists are too simple, and offer no way of planning! Simple, elegant and intuitive interface to plan quickly and adapt as you go All the planning power comes with no compromises! Sandglaz is both powerful and easy to use With our advanced features, you will: Don't take our word, see our testimonials


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Affordable Simple Pricing

Fast and Snappy

  • Add and assign tasks as fast as you can type
  • For endless flexibility, use @username and #category tags to assign and categorize tasks
  • Filter on tasks to see who is working on what, when
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for an extra speed boost

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Planning made simple

  • See at a glance what tasks you need to handle first
  • Easily check what was done in the past and what's planned next
  • For your constantly changing priorities, it is as simple as drag and drop
  • Best of all, you don’t need to do anything when you miss your plans, Sandglaz will automatically update your tasks for you!

Some great benefits of Sandglaz

  • Work remotely easily
  • Put an end to long email threads
  • Cut down on status updates and meetings
  • Enjoy a fast and snappy experience
  • Plan and prioritize with ease
  • Browse a full history of your completed tasks
  • See what each person did and what they're up to
  • Rely on Sandglaz to automatically update your plans
  • Categorize your tasks with #hashtags
  • Seamlessly delegate tasks
  • Enjoy real-time sync
  • Boost your team's productivity
  • View your tasks offline
  • Collaborate on multiple projects with multiple teams
  • See an overview of all your tasks across projects
  • Discuss your tasks with commenting
  • Attach files and notes to any task
  • Use subtasks to break down complex tasks
  • Set due dates and get email reminders
  • Set powerful repeating tasks that fit your needs
  • Quickly find any task with a fast search
  • Work on the go from any iOS or Android device

The top choice for agile teams

  • Use simple, fast and easy to use products
  • Work together on clear short term and long term goals
  • Stay ahead of the curve by responding quickly to change
  • Have constantly evolving task lists that can change on a daily basis
  • Collaborate with their team, clients and/or temporary contributors (like freelancers)
  • Value team communication and individual autonomy

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