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Glip is your team's conversation platform to plan, share & organize work. We designed Glip so that teams can jump right in, with zero learning curve, and do better work together. No technical skills are required to use Glip, and it boosts your productivity from the very first user. Glip removes communication barriers with built-in text and video chat and includes file sharing, tasks management, shared calendars and more, all seamlessly integrated.

Team Collaboration Software, Group Chat, File Sharing & Task Management. Glip Real-time Productivity

Glip ( is your teams conversation platform to plan, share and organize work. Since the beginning, conversations have been the natural way of getting things done, together -- what we now call collaboration. As people talk, they stumble upon ideas that motivate them to take action. They create teams to help them organize the work around those ideas. Teams share knowledge, plan the days ahead, debate on how to overcome obstacles, decide who has to do what (and by when) and, and as a result, innovation is born.Glip is:- Real-time team productivity software- Group chat, video chat and IM for business and teams- Task Management software- Simple project management software- File sharing and file management- Online team collaboration- Team knowledge sharing softwareGroup Chat, video chat and IM for Business and Teams: We took team collaboration to the next level by putting group chat to work. The funny thing about online team collaboration is how often SaaS applications get used. Eventually teams go back to group chat and email, so we started by meeting teams where they are at and made team collaboration natural by empowering group chat. It's natural to chat ideas, share files, share calendar events, assign tasks and manage shared task lists. Glip makes it possible to do all of this and more, right from inside group chat conversations.Simple Project Management: Project management is more than shared tasks lists, it's about knowledge sharing, file sharing and most importantly, team collaboration. What if you could walk into a meeting, take notes that are automatically shared with your project team, task out all action items right from the meeting, set timelines, sync up team member calendars and more, all right from a project team group chat. Glip productivity software empowers simple project management by placing the conversation where everything has context and team members can stay connected and accountable. File Sharing: Glip team collaboration makes file sharing easy when you drag and drop right into your group chat conversations. Comment, track revisions and easily find the context to all of your file sharing. Then access all of your shared files in the Glip file management app anytime, anywhere. Glip productivity software simplifies file sharing with image previews right inside your group chat discussions and improves team collaboration with efficient file management. Task Management and Shared Task Lists: Glip puts task management and shared task lists in context with group chat for teams and business. That means you can assign tasks to your co-workers right from the conversation where ideas, knowledge and projects are being discussed. All of your shared tasks are placed right next to the conversation where it was created, so your work always has context and task management is simplified. Then you can go to the task manager app for quick drag and drop reordering and general task management for all of your simple projects and teams. Glip is the shared task list that makes online team collaboration a natural part of your everyday conversations in the cloud.Online Team Collaboration Software in the Cloud: The heart of Glip team collaboration is is realtime communication. We made Glip productivity software for teams to stay connected and on the same page from anywhere. Glip provides context to communication around everything that matters at work, something truly powerful and unique for cloud team collaboration software.Glip vs Skype for Business: Who hasn't used Skype? Who hasn't felt the pain of sharing files and dropped calls? Well we have, and so have millions of companies who have attempted to use this consumer based tool for business. Skype wasn't made to be productivity software for file sharing, task management, knowledge sharing or daily team workflow management. We want business to have a communications tool that is made for business and put Skype in it's rightful place... that obscure conversation with the overseas relative you pretend to want to talk to and find yourself pleasantly surprised by frequent dropped calls.Productivity Software: We built Glip so real teams can save real time. Saving time while still getting things done is what productivity is all about. Our goal is to continually push the boundaries of the user experience and keep Glip simple and smart. Our active users have a voice and we choose to listen. Together with our users, we are creating the future of productivity software.Cloud collaboration: We love to see teams that have not enjoyed the befits of working together in a shared work platform light up when they can collaborate anywhere, anytime. Glip is the team cloud collaboration platform that makes it easy to step into the cloud and start seeing the benefits of knowledge sharing, task management, file sharing and more all right inside the conversations that matter most.

Glip - Pricing

$ 0
  • Up to 10,000 posts
  • 5GB storage
  • 500 minutes video chat
  • total for the company
  • 5 external integrations
  • Limited admin functions
$ 5 /mo
  • Unlimited posts
  • 10GB storage / person
  • 1,000 minutes video chat
  • per person / month, shared
  • Unlimited external integrations
  • No charge for guest users
  • 24/7 premium support
  • Basic admin functions
$ 10 /mo
  • Unlimited posts
  • 20GB storage / person
  • 3,000 minutes video chat
  • per person / month, shared
  • Unlimited external integrations
  • No charge for guest users
  • 24/7 priority support
  • Advanced admin functions
  • coming soon

Glip - Feature Index

Manage projects?
Work on-the-go?
Work with clients?
Use Glip as a knowledge base?
Manage my team's calendar?
Host video conferences?
Integrate with my existing tools?
Collaborate on documents with an audit trail?
Annotate images?
Share files with automatic version control?
Use Glip with Outlook?
Email into Glip teams?
Get push notifications?
Use Glip as an IM replacement?
Search for anything in Glip?
Use Glip on my iPad?
Write a plugin for Glip?
Read my news feeds?
Share my screen with my team & customers?
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