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in Collaboration, founded in 2002

Meet face to face anyplace.

Fuze is redefining real time visual communication and collaboration. Our core principles guide our actions and priorities. They are as follows: Design a great user experience that drives engagement. Enable everyone to communicate and contribute seamlessly from any device or location. Deliver reliability and life like quality everytime. Invest in the success of users and customers.

Raspberr Pi - Fuze

The FUZE www.fuze.co.ukThe FUZE Case for Raspberry Pi® provides a tidy, safe and very secure Raspberry Pi workstation, retaining all connectivity via the easily accessible back panel.www.fuze.co.uk/product/fuze-rpi-b1/£129.99 -

Fuze - Pricing

$ 0
  • 3 Participants
  • 3 Video streams
  • Cloud content
  • Screen share
  • Unlimited VoIP
  • Online support
$ 240 /yr
  • No Credit Card Required
  • 25 Participants
  • 12 Video streams
  • Cloud content
  • Screen share
  • Unlimited VoIP
  • Unlimited US toll audio
  • Phone support
$ 480 /yr
  • 25 Participants
  • 12 Video streams
  • Cloud content
  • Screen share
  • Unlimited VoIP
  • Unlimited US toll audio
  • Phone support

Fuze - Feature Index

Enable any room with a door

  • Fuze for Rooms delivers low cost room experience
  • Telepresence Connect Fuze enables any Cisco, Polycom, or Lifesize system
  • High capacity muti-party HD video conferencing
  • Duplex audio supporting HD VoIP and PSTN
  • Simple deployment for rapid time to value
  • Fewer support and infrastructure requirements
  • Lower lifetime cost of ownership

Extend your current tools

  • Schedule through Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Easily transition from chat in Lync to Fuze
  • Support for LDAP and Single Sign On (SAML)
  • Integrated access to files stored in Dropbox and Box

Great experience

  • Easy to use and intuitive interface
  • Organized around people and content
  • Up to 12 HD video conference streams
  • Optimized for individual and group connectivity
  • One tool for internal and external communication
  • Visual chat for 1-to-1 and group side conversations

Powerful content sharing

  • Group collaboration with rich media and content
  • Annotation tools for cloud content and whiteboards
  • Present full resolution Powerpoints with animations
  • Desktop and application sharing with remote control
  • Support for H.239 enabled devices

Quality and performance

  • Global architecture delivers international reliability with data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia Pac
  • Automated and adaptive intelligence delivers performance based on location and bandwidth
  • Fuze blended audio bridge integrates PSTN via tier 1 audio partners when VoIP is not option

Safe and secure

  • TLS session encryption for desktop and mobile
  • Enterprise grade authentication options
  • FIPS 140-2 compliance and AES 256 encryption for content
  • Firewall traversal
  • PCI and SOC compliance

Symphony audio

  • HD Voice (wideband VoIP)
  • Twice the quality of a standard phone call
  • Low latency global architecture reduces VoIP chop
  • Tier 1 partners enable world class dial-in options
  • Support for up to 250 audio participants

Workspace anyplace

  • Consistent experience across supported devices
  • Mobile: iOS and Android
  • Desktop: OSX, Windows, and Linux
  • Optimized for global availability

Fuze - Clients

St Louis University
Meta Design
Connery Consulting
Nonotuck Resources
Volo Solutions
Shalom Learning
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