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Fox Plan

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Fast collaboration on your projects

We have more than ten years managing portfolio of projects in large corporate. We experienced too many time people managing their portfolio of projects with complex spreadsheets or expensive software that takes too long to implement. We think there is an easier way to do it.

Fox Plan - Pricing

$ 40 /mo
  • /month
  • 5 Projects
  • 5 Go storage
  • Unlimited Users
$ 160 /mo
  • /month
  • 15 Projects
  • 15 Go storage
  • Unlimited Users
$ 480 /mo
  • /month
  • 50 Projects
  • 50 Go storage
  • Unlimited Users
$ 2000 /mo
  • /month
  • 250 Projects
  • 250 Go storage
  • Unlimited Users

Fox Plan - Feature Index

30-day Free Trial Period

  • Let us help ensure FoxPlan is the right solution for you, with our 30 day free of charge trial period (no credit card detail required during the trial period).

All in One Place

  • Limitless user connections to FoxPlan allow all project members to work within a single dedicated workspace : Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Sponsor/Client, Resources/Contributors …

An Affordable Solution

  • FoxPlan is provided with unlimited user accesses. Everyone can join. You pay only for the projects that you manage in your dedicated environment. Start your first 5 projects in a single environment for $20 (or 12£) per month.

Cross Project Dependencies

  • Build project interdependencies accross the board, then easily monitor them to anticipate any impacting delay on the global portfolio.

Customisation and Interface

  • FoxPlan can be customised with your data. You can add your favorite fields in the available forms. All data can be exported to XLS (Excel) format ; you can also import MPP files (Microsoft Project) into your workspace.

Getting Started…

  • Registering in FoxPlan and getting started on your project will only take 10 minutes in 4 easy steps : 1) Register into FoxPlan. 2) Create your first project. 3) Add Project Phases, Milestones and Tasks. 4) Invite people to collaborate on your project.

Integrated Management

  • Manage centrally enable easy monitoring and communication: Actions, Risks/Issues, Decisions/Informations and Files along with your Phases, Milestones and Tasks.

Multiple Environments

  • You collaborate with several organisations! Within FoxPlan you can create multiple sealed environments respecting confidentiality standards. You can then design cross environment project portfolios and monitor those from a single viewpoint.

Performance Indicators

  • Monitor your projects or project portfolio through indicators. Highlight what is important. Get management attention on specific markers.

Project History and Trend

  • Display the history and progress of your project: FoxPlan helps you define the global trend of your project and explain past changes.

Security and Audit Trail

  • FoxPlan is a secure solution that uses the latest authentication standards to attain adequate security and confidentiality levels (HTTPS, Strong authentication). Activity tracers are activated in order to keep track and provide an audit trail of all modifications performed in your application.
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