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Actions speak louder than page views.

Our mission is to help the world learn from its data. We've built the most advanced analytics platform for mobile & web. We analyze 34 billion actions every single month.

Mixpanel Android Integration

Integrating Mixpanel into your Android App is easy.We'll take you through the process for Android Studio with Gradle in four simple steps.First, Add the mixpanel-android library as a Gradle dependencySecond, add permissions to your AndroidManifest.xmlThird, initialize the library with your project tokenFinally, you'll be able to use all of Mixpanel's powerful tracking anywhere in your application Let's get started.To add the Mixpanel library, declare Mixpanel as a dependency in your build.gradle file with the code copied from our Android documentation:dependencies { compile "com.mixpanel.android:mixpanel-andr­oid:[email protected]"}You will need to click the "Sync Project with Gradle Files" icon to download our library.After syncing the AAR, add permissions for the Mixpanel library in your AndroidManifest.xml file...just copy and paste these permissions into the file.Now, you're ready to use the library in Android Studio!To use the Mixpanel library, you must first import it into the activity. Here, we are going to add some tracking in the MainActivity; so we can import by adding the line: import com.mixpanel.android.mpmetrics.MixpanelA­PI;to our MainActivity's source.We can initialize the Mixpanel library by calling MixpanelAPI.getInstance with the application context and our Mixpanel project token. You can find your token in the settings dialog in your Mixpanel Dashboard.Now that the library is initialized, we can use any of Mixpanel's tracking in this context. Let's track and event when our application resumes from the background called "On Resume" Additionally, I could track up 255 different properties with every event.To preserve battery life and customer bandwidth, the Mixpanel library doesn't send the events you record immediately. Here, we'll add a manual flush to speed things along.Finally, we can build and run our application, which and once the app resumes, the event is sent to Mixpanel and data will appear across all reports in the Mixpanel Dashboard in real time -- here's our event in Live View.That's it! if you have any questions, email [email protected] to speak to someone smart.

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Mixpanel - Feature Index

Actions speak louder than page views.

  • Any question you can ask about your data, Mixpanel can answer.
  • A simple way to answer complex questions.
  • Powerful analytics means getting into the details.
  • Example questions Mixpanel can answer.

Don't ask if customers value your app, prove they value it with Retention.

  • Paint the full picture with cohorts.
  • One thing leads to another.
  • Customer knowledge is power.

See where you lose customers with funnels.

  • See where you lose customers with funnels.
  • It's a funnel, not rocket science.
  • For example, using funnels Airbnb can ask “How many users that arrive from an ad, end up searching for and booking a hotel room in Costa Rica?”
  • Answer questions about the past with retroactive funnels.
  • Get into the nitty-gritty

The next leap in understanding your users.

  • It's time to get to know your users.
  • Let your customer's actions tell their own story.
  • Learn how valuable your customers are.
  • Measure what people think and how they feel.
  • Get personal. Send them a message.

Your customers are everywhere. Engage with them anywhere.

  • Keep your customers.
  • It's as easy as writing an email.
  • Engage your customers wherever they are.
  • They'll get the message. You'll choose how.
  • The proof is in the data.
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