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Real-time analytics, Business Intelligence, Metrics, Live real-time API

in Analytics, founded in 2006

Software that connects your team with your visitors and users.

GoSquared gives teams easier access to information on their visitors, users and customers so that they can build personal and meaningful relationships with them.

Welcome to GoSquared

This screencast introduces the new GoSquared. Try it now: is the easy to use, real-time web analytics platform that helps you understand your business —from a beautifully simple overview, down to customer-level insights.--Transcript--# Welcome to the new GoSquaredWe're introducing an entirely new and unified interface along with hundreds of enhancements to the overall experience.The new GoSquared is all about giving you easier access to key features that help you gain deeper insights and take action faster.The first thing you'll notice in the new GoSquared is the sidebar on the left.At the top of the sidebar, you'll see the site switcher. Click this to jump to any site in an instant. You can also search for sites and add new sites here.Below the sidebar, you'll see your apps, just as you know them:NowTrendsand EcommerceNow gives you a real-time overview of what's happening on your site at this very moment.Trends is one-click easy-to-use web analytics.Ecommerce shows you everything that's happening on your online store.Jump to the bottom of the sidebar to see a few more links.Site settings brings up a modal anywhere in the new GoSquared, which gives you instant access to Team Sharing, Notifications, and other site specific settings.The integration guide makes it really easy to integrate GoSquared with your site. There's a step by step guide on how to integrate your tracking code and easy access to other plugins to make it even simpler to install GoSquared on any website you own.Head to the bottom left to bring up your account settings.Here you can edit your personal details, reset your password, change your email preferences, find out more about plans, and grab invoices.At any time just hit the GoSquared logo to jump back to your Now dashboard.This is just the start of a series of very exciting updates we're rolling out this summer.With these improvements, it's never been easier to understand your business and your customers.---Music Credits---"As Colorful As Ever" by Broke For Free (http://brokeforfree.com/)

GoSquared - Feature Index

Ecommerce Analytics

  • From your first sale to Fifth Avenue.
  • Metrics that matter.
  • Predict the future of your business.
  • Discover the value of a tweet.
  • Upgrade your Shopify analytics.
  • Making reporting less dull since 2006.
  • That's not all…


  • From the pioneers of real-time analytics.
  • Never miss a beat. Or a Tweet.
  • Engagement. Measured.
  • Jump on hot content.

People Analytics

  • Now it's personal.
  • Everything about your users in one place.
  • Instant, universal search.
  • Answers to your FAQs.

Software that connects your team with your visitors and users.

  • Monitor your website.
  • Beautiful, clever reporting.
  • Understand your users.


  • Web metrics for everyone on the team.
  • See into the future.
  • One click. Infinite power.
  • Trends in your inbox.
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